Chapter 1: The Invisible Life Form

Exploration: Captain’s Log (Translated Transcript): Earth Date 2nd February, 2020

We have been in uncharted territory for seventy days now, and have entered a new Galaxy as logged thirty days ago. This galaxy is now known as the Derekrion Galaxy, after my Navigator who pointed out the new galaxy. I believe that this will be a perfect opportunity for exploration on the Exploration (I feel so happy for using that pun. You hate me, but I don’t care for you, do I?).

The Knowledge Team has discovered a star system with eight planets. It has been logged as the Larbantos system because Worker Larbantos was the one to bring it to Head of Department Ishkhalmar’s attention. He, in turn, brought it to my attention. The third planet, according to Ishkhalmar and Larbantos, shows considerable potential, which somehow went without the Government’s notice. That is probably because of the large distance between Arkhalmanosk and this system. Life has been indicated, therefore we will send a message down to the planet in all language forms. I see no point, since it is uncharted territory, this life may have a different language form from what we know, but the Government has a law stating that we have to communicate before transporting down. We’ll see how this goes.

“Greetings, life form. We wish to communicate. Please comply.”

Sounds a little blunt. How about, “Greetings. We come in peace. We wish nothing but to communicate with your honourable community. We are ready to send down a team of seven Arkhalmanosks to learn about your culture and community, while honouring whatever policies you wish. We are ready to teleport whenever you are ready to receive us. Warmest regards, Renevorkh: Captain of the Spaceship Exploration.”

Much better.

Exploration: Captain’s Log (Translated Transcript): Supplemental

The message has been sent, but we have received nothing. We’ve traveled halfway around this planet at standard orbit speed, and no answer. What has happened to this planet?

We see a considerable number of spaceships with weird symbols on them. I suspect a language, but after teleporting one of these spaceships on board, Head of Culture, Galmanormus cannot recognize these symbols. They are of many types. One seems to have some symbols repeating, so they mean something. A certain phonetic maybe. All this can be seen under the Cultural log of Planet 3: Larbantos. I think there may have been several life forms on this planet(intelligent life forms, I mean), or several species of one life form, or several cultures of one life form. Whatever it may be, space travel seems to be achieved by them. Judging by the number of spaceships here, it was achieved a good amount of time ago.

However, these spaceships are too small to contain any life form that can achieve such tasks. Conclusion: They were unmanned. They were orbiting the planet, like us, but unmanned. Orbiting the same planet. Inference: Satellites, Conclusion: The life on this planet was an intelligent, civilized race.

On these satellites, we see rectangular images with pictures on them of different colours. Probably the equivalent of our flags. Inference: They needed something to identify groups of people of different cultures. Conclusion: There were several cultures. But this is just one planet. No other planets in this system show any signs of life. Conclusion: Many cultures of one life form.

I remembered when I was a commander in the Seventh Lignatish War, Year of Barald, a ship had come. It was over a thousand days ago, but that’s what started this mission. A stray spaceship had been found in the space surrounding my home planet, Slignith 7, which the Government failed to identify. The rectangular symbol on it was identical to the one on the satellite we brought in. That was most certainly an incredible coincidence. It has exactly fifty, five-pointed, white figures in a smaller blue rectangle in the top left, with stripes of red and white across the rest of the rectangle. I looked again at the satellite, looking for a symbol with the following four symbols on it. I have drawn them in the written log corresponding to this one.


As we can see, the second and fourth symbols are identical. It is the written form of a language. I am absolutely sure of it. It may not correspond to our language, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

Exploration: Captain’s Log (Translated Transcript): Earth Date 3rd February, 2020

I was up late yesterday taking pictures of the rest of the satellites. The language form has a lot of different symbols, so I segregated them into a few sections. It was backbreaking work, and I could only finish Part 1 of Larbantian. Written log contains Part 1.

Exploration: Captain’s Written Log Direct Copy (Titled: Larbantian Part 1 (Translated)): Earth Date 3rd February, 2020

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May not be full. I am new to this language form.

-Renevorkh: Captain of the Exploration

Exploration: Captain’s Log (Translated Transcript): Earth Date 4th February, 2020

This planet is intriguing. No signs of a life form are there, but a life form lived here. There was definitely life on this planet.

Don’t need any space equipment. As of now, the planet has the general atmospheric composition as Arkalmanic atmosphere, which is extremely convenient.

Larbantos will be getting a huge load of publicity back home. I wonder whether this has reached Arkhalmanosk?

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