A Poem by Sylvestor of the Nalinor Isles Poetry

Forgive Me, Sweet Valsara

O Sweet Valsara!
Your eyes are so kind.
In my dreams they do appear.
Though not only dreams:
I’d be a liar
To say they aren’t right here.

O Sweet Valsara!
Find it in your heart
To forgive this humble bard.
We’d meet in the dark—
Away from the town,
Under the night, cool and starred.

O Sweet Valsara!
I cannot forget
Our private and secretive knock.
That simple beat,
That perfect rhythm,
And the sound of your opening lock.

O Sweet Valsara!
I left you there,
After how hard we worked to meet!
But that fateful night,
I heard not the sound
Of our specific beat.

O Sweet Valsara!
That night I heard
The scraping of scabbard with steel!
Down came the door
And right there he stood
With a frightening, malicious zeal.

O Sweet Valsara!
How sorry I am
For leaving without farewell!
The folk of our town
Heard my songs
And gods! They didn’t take it well!

O Sweet Valsara!
I should have thought
Of you when I made my jests!
Their steel bites, my love,
But nothing hurts more
Than to be away from your chest.