The End of an Era

It’s the end of an era.

Sixteen years of my life (that’s all of it) have been spent here. Right here. In this colony. I’m not going to name it because of all you pervs out there on the internet, but the genuine ones know exactly what I’m talking about.

I won’t tell you exactly what this place means to me, because it’s going to end up being repetitive, boring, and cliché. Suffice it to say that I don’t think I’ve loved a place as much as I have this particular place. Not even my school (that’s right. That’s exactly what you read. Don’t @ me). After all that, how the hell did I even think of leaving it all behind?

Granted, I’m not going very far, but I’m still going, aren’t I?

Also, I know this is my second post in a row about going away, but the only other thing that has been on my mind is A Song of Ice and Fire, and If I start talking about that, I ain’t gonna stop, so it’s best that we leave that aside.

For the past month, I’ve been prowling the streets, investigating the exact nature of my relationship with this place. Every day, I’ve been breathing in the air, soaking in the rain, closing my eyes, and losing grasp of reality. My investigation has led me to the following conclusion: none of that is as good as it sounds.

The air is polluted, the rain makes it muddy, closing my eyes makes me sleepy, and losing grasp of reality is just not cool. Ultimately, it all gets a little boring. Just as it begins to get boring, suddenly it isn’t that boring. Investigation has proved that the source of sudden excitement is a bunch of people. Actual human beings. Who’d have thought?

Here, dear readers, I feel obligated to just give you a word of warning. The next few paragraphs are me gushing about people you probably have never heard of. While these people are some of the best people on this planet, I know it can get boring to see yet ANOTHER blog post of some teenager complimenting his/her friends. I know. I know. This is extremely cliché, but I feel a great need to do this.

These people have done so much for me that I feel useless. From the inside, my body will not let me survive if I didn’t write this.

I’ll start with the first. Ayush. This guy is just so much fun to hang out with. His friendly attitude, and iron-clad sense of honour make him my immediate choice for best friend, but the fact that he gets goofy in the middle of the night helps, too. A lot of people would have just drifted away from me as soon as they got to know me a little, and you stuck with me throughout. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Probably that same shell of a kid, holed up in one room, slowly fattening, and watching movies with the social life of a potato. Thank you for showing me that people can be awesome. And remember: Ball aega, toh pakad lenge.

If we’re going to be chronological about this, I guess Jatin would be next. Jatin is one of the sweetest guys I’ll ever know. I know I’ve been harsh towards you, and I know I might’ve hurt you many, many times. In the past. Let this be a public apology, and a declaration of what exactly you’ve meant. If anyone tries to tell you that you’re anything but the best, give them my address. I don’t think they’ll need their skin after that. Thanks, Chintin, and I’m sorry.

I’m not sure who’s next, so I’m just going to take a wild stab. I probably met all of the next three at basically the same time, but for now, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that I met Janhavi next (although I’m pretty sure I’ve bunged this whole chronology thing up). Haha, now where to begin with Janhavi… I guess I could go with the out of the blue weirdness that comes with being her friend, but the nicknames could be a cool place to start, too. I will not mention the nicknames either, because you guys have enough dirt on me as it is. The weirdness isn’t the pick-your-nose-then-eat-the-boogers kind. It’s the Janhavi kind. I don’t think words can describe it, but just hear her laugh, and you’ll get the basic gist of it. Of course, there’s a split part to this, like James McAvoy’s character in Split. While there is the weird Janhavi that squeaks at you and bursts out laughing, there’s also the serious, direct Janhavi, that can stick a pole through your gut and then drop a mic. Don’t get on her bad side. That’s going to leave a mark that you can’t get rid of surgically. Thank you, Jam, for being there even after you moved.

The second of the Three is Nikita. If Janhavi is Jam, then Nikita is bread. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more iconic duo. Also, if you’re have any doubts about the Bollywood world: who’s dating whom, who’s in which movie, and when it came out, you clear it up with Nikita.

Of all the drama I’ve seen unfold here, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one that Nikita hasn’t. She may not be a part of it, but she sure as hell knows about it. Nikita, know this: you’re awesome. I don’t think I say it enough. You’re funny, and you’re smart, and you’re awesome. You’re going to be a goddamn rockstar in whatever you do. Thank you, Nikita, for all the gossip everywhere.

That brings us to Tanvi. If you’ve seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ll know what I mean when I say she’s a slightly less intimidating Rosa Diaz. It’s like if you took the personality of Rosa and put it into the least intimidating look you can find, you’ve got the basic layout of Tanvi. She’ll threaten you, but you won’t feel a thing. But when she actually makes good on her threat, you’ll regret it. Tanvi’s the one you go for when you need any dirt on anyone. She’s also the one you go for when you need the worst advice ever. Thanks, Tanvi, for just generally being a badass.

The newest admission to this gang of gold is Isha. Simply put, Isha is the nicest person you’ve ever met times ten. Granted, when you look at her taste in books, you may not think so, but as I always say, “Don’t judge a person by their book taste.” (I’ve never actually said that. It’s just generally a good practice to not judge anybody, full-stop). She’s the most kind-hearted of them all (sorry, guys, but c’mon…). But! Don’t let that fool you. I’ve made the mistake of annoying her, and guys, believe me when I say she does NOT like that. Let me put it this way: if you value your ear drums, don’t mess with her. If you do, for some stupid reason, she’s going to yell at you in a volume that would put a banshee to shame. Thanks, Isha, for tolerating me. Also, Teen Wolf sucks thanks bye.

Y’guys, I don’t know if I could have survived without you. You are the walls to the castle that has been my life. Your support is unfathomable. Your contribution is uncountable, even if you might not know it.

Thank you, all. You’re the best.


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  1. mallika

    this is beautiful. i do not know these people, or the place you speak of. but i do know what it is like to leave somehing like this behind, and this just really sums it up. ur friggin amazing man. dont ever stop writing.

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  2. Nikita

    Omg!!! That’s so sweet arshiii!! i wish you the best in life and be the way you are, cause that makes you really special. You are an amazing friend and a very intelligent creature!! I hope our friendship lasts forever! I’m gonna miss you!

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  3. Sama Kulkarni

    Lovely Arsh! It was so thoughtful of you to realise that people are our treasure in life and to love them the way they are!
    Beautifully penned!
    Wish you a great life full of happiness, success, love and May you have many more friends along life’s journey!
    You are a wonderful person!

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