One Last Look

He’s packing his bags, he’s leaving for good.
I’ve heard about this day all through my life.
The day mom and dad will send him away,
Off to study, very far away.

Of course, I didn’t think it would come so fast.
I’m 90% sure that day was two years away.
It seems only yesterday he was blasting his tunes,
And singing to me, almost completely nude.

Only yesterday, he was on his computer,
Headphones in, watching some movie.
I see him watching, not blinking his eyes.
I sneak a look at the screen, and surprise, surprise,
It’s black and white, it’s old as time.
Does he even watch movies from today?
These look like they belong in all-white halls.

Oh, man, he’s crying. This one must be good.

Come to think of it, he doesn’t cry much.
I’ve seen him sad, but not bawling so much.
Sometimes, he looks like he wants to cry,
But for some reason, he can’t. He’s stressed, buried

In books he doesn’t enjoy.
He’d done that a lot over the past year. Probably studying.
Throughout that time, he didn’t look at me.
I felt dejected, empty inside.

But the day his exams finished … well…
You should have seen him jumping around.
Once more, he gave a damn, he was happy.
And our music sessions once more began.

He brought more songs to our sessions,
And more clothes as well.
But I didn’t care, or mind much. I loved the sound of his voice.
A sound like raindrops in the middle of a Delhi summer.

His friends were fun, too, though they didn’t pay
Attention to me, but to him, they did.
They seemed to make me happy,
And when he’s happy, I’m happy.
Now, he’s going away, away for good.
Off to some school to expand his knowledge.
Why they’re keeping him, I don’t know.
I just hope they have another of me.

He’s packed his bags, he’s leaving for good.
He takes one last look at me.
He stares into my eyes, and I into his.
I want to say something, but I’m just him.
There’s not me without him, I’m going away.
I don’t think I’ll be able to handle his absence well.
One last look, and then, he’ll be gone for good.


  1. Seemantini Pathare

    OMG……..has he grown so much. Arsh, this could be the begining of a career. Iam fully a fan and want the first book in print when you publish your collection. Bless you for ever with inspiration and vigor.

    1. Post

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