Ishita and Akshay

Ishita pedaled as hard as she could and as fast as she could. She had done a horrible thing, and she regretted it. Why did she succumb to the charm she distinctly remembered calling creepy? Why did she have to go and hold Manoj’s hand like that? What power in heaven decided that that should be the point where her boyfriend, Akshay walked into sight?

The weather had been wonderful on that winter night. She had seen the bouquet of roses fall from Akshay’s hand as her hand quickly retracted, and she shot straight up from the bench they’d been sitting on. Manoj hadn’t moved a muscle. He knew that Akshay was weak. A fight would have ended badly. Akshay, however, was smarter. He just gave a cold look into Ishita’s eyes and simply walked out, as if Manoj wasn’t even worth looking at.

Therefore, Ishita was cycling down the streets of Pune to get to Akshay’s house, three kilometers away. She was going dangerously fast, but she didn’t care. She knew that Akshay would not forgive her, but she would not let it go down in history that she had done such a thing and not felt sorry about it. She swerved through the cars like an expert and could have mastered the Tour de France easily. She noticed the turn for Akshay’s and a red street light. She decided that traffic rules could wait and turned. A loud honk filled her ears, and she felt a sharp pain throughout her body. After that, she saw nothing. She was vaguely aware of being taken somewhere with loud sirens … was that an ambulance?

The last thing she remembered was the multiple doctors standing around her for a very brief second, and then … darkness.


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