The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense. It’s a movie that immediately puts a series of chills through your body if you’ve watched it. If you haven’t, then let me just go ahead and say SPOILER ALERT!!! It’s a really breathtaking movie, and I don’t want to be the guy who spoils it for you. You, like me, deserve the best experience. So, watch it, and then read this.

I’m going to talk about the twist in the tale. It’s something that kept me glued to the bed that I was sleeping on while watching it. As soon as the credits started, my head sank back into the pillow, and my hand slowly crept up to my mouth, covering it. I found myself saying, “Whoa,” but obviously, that was barely scratching the surface. That’s when the alarm on my watch went off, telling me to go to my class. I gave it no attention. My mind was absolutely blown, and I couldn’t be bothered by Physics just after this! After class, I looked the movie up to see who to congratulate on this masterpiece. I was surprised to find that it was the same guy who directed The Last Airbender, an absolutely horrendous and atrocious movie. My father then told me that The Sixth Sense was what brought M. Night Shyamalan onto the map.

Director aside, I’m now going to get to the meat of this post. The twist: Bruce Willis’s character, Dr. Malcom Crowe is dead. (I’m now realizing how weird this sounds to people who haven’t watched the movie. What are you people doing here anyway?)

I checked out some reviews to see whether people thought the same way I did, but no one even mentioned some of the things that stuck with me. I now realize that some of these things are something no one has thought about. Therefore, I’m sharing my thoughts with all of you, and if you decide that the question has been answered, let’s discuss it in the comments!

My questions is: does the boy, Cole, even exist?

The boy himself says, “They see what they want to see.” We know that Vincent Grey, the madman that shot Dr. Crowe caused major guilt in the psychiatrist. It is safe to say that Dr. Crowe wanted to help that guy. What if Dr. Crowe imagined Cole and helped him? He could be all made up.

If that is somehow answered, I feel like it could have been best left unanswered. I really like thought provoking movies, and this is the perfect example of an excellent movie.

For aspiring movie-makers out there, you know what you need to do to make it into my good books.


  1. Seema

    I had watched this movie in Wisconsin in the cinema with your parents.
    I was awe-struck completely at the climax. Remember coming out of the theatre thinking what was that!
    Don’t remember the details of the characters now. But, completely understand why you decided to ignore the alarm!

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